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Some employers hold back pay rises to fund workplace pensions

What does Brexit have to do with your pension?

The final impact on pensions following the UK’s decision to leave Europe in the 2016 EU referendum is yet to be fully realised. Immediately after the referendum there was a slump in the value of the pound and a marked increase in the cost of importing goods, such as food ...

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Government owes state pension £5.3trn

Only recently we were reporting on some positive pension deficit news, but the story looks rather different when you consider exactly what the UK government owes in terms of promised future pension payments, owed to today’s current workforce. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), “total accrued-to-date gross pension ...

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PPF highlights dramatic cut in pension deficits

The economic news for pension savers is looking a little rosier, with the Pension Protection Fund announcing that the specific set of current economic circumstances means the pensions deficit for what are often known as final salary pensions has been drastically cut. The Pension Protection Fund is a statutory body ...

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PLSA says workers need pension targets

Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PLSA) research has shown that 77% of those it surveyed were unaware if their pension planning was on target with their eventual expectations – and did not know how to find out – extrapolating up to as many as 13 million people at risk of ...

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State pension on the rise

We’ve often talked about the triple lock here at the DPT blog, but now we’re actually getting to see it in action. You may have heard that inflation rates have reached the highs of 3%, and that’s important for all recipients of the state pension as the triple lock dictates ...

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Say goodbye to pensions cold callers

No-one really enjoys receiving cold calls, so we’re happy to report that a new law from the government will enforce fines up to £500,000 on companies that contact individuals about their pensions on the phone without their prior consent. In addition, we have learned that the ban will also cover ...

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The FCA has a new take on pension lump sums

So the triple lock is staying, defined benefit pensioners are able to lay their hands on significant lump sums and obligatory employee contribution schemes are now in place up and down the country – it seems things are looking up for pensioners and those saving for their retirement. But there ...

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